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There is no accident in life! – This was also the thinking of both
artists Irina Shilina and Beate Ramisch after their first meeting
on the occasion of a concert engagement in December 2000.

They immediately knew: Their combination would be an absolutely
thrilling innovation in Germany! The classical piano together
with an exotic folk instrument – and a repertoire that comprises
of the most famous classical works from the last five centuries
as well as most popular melodies of worldwide folk traditions.

Both artists were right in the end: Whereever they perform today
their music is celebrated by the audience and the critics indulge
in superlatives. They talk about „fireworks of musical joy of life“ where„ the spectator and the listener both can hardly believe
their eyes and ears“.
They write of the „most brilliant velocity, tenderest sound,
dreamlike phrasing and excellent rhythmical precision“.


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