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Irina Shilina  
IRINA SHILINA was born in Minsk/Belarus and received
her education of the Dulcimer first at the music college
for talented children and later at the National Conservatory
in Minsk, where she completed her studies with distinction.
Numerous concerts already as a child as well as
prize-winning recitals at famous competitions complemented
her education path. At the young age of nineteen she made
her debut as a soloist at Minsk Philharmony, followed by
a busy concert career through all the States of the former
Eastern bloc. Since 1997 Irina Shilina has lived in Germany.

As a virtuoso on her instrument she has continuously been increasing her repertoire here as well for DUO CHARADE and also in her collaboration with harp, guitar or with various orchestras. Meanwhile her way of playing the dulcimer is regarded to be pioneering and influential in her home city
of Minsk. To the public of the West she presents an extraordinary instrument that had been rarely known here before and time and again enraptures the audience to thunderous applause.

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