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Detail Cymbal und Piano  
Based on their classical instrumental and musical education
the two musicians of DUO CHARADE experiment with any musical
style that can be expressed by their instruments:

Firstly, these are various works of the occidental classical music that
have been transfered congenially to dulcimer and piano by the duo.
In this category their musical program contents of famous jewels
from Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern Period.

Secondly, DUO CHARADE spends a lot of attention to the numerous musical traditions of the world. So both artists´ enormous repertoire already today comprises works from nearly every continent –
Russian and Hungarian songs and gypsy tunes, dances and
folk tunes from Ireland, Scotland und Scandinavia, music of France,
Italy, Austria/Bavaria, Greece as well as from Israel and
the Orient, passionate tunes from Spain, South America and Cuba
as well as Argentine Tango and even famous melodies
from Jazz and film music.
Yet it is never a question of simply imitating this music but of grasping the inner spirit of the pieces, transfering it to the both instruments – dulcimer and piano – and expressing it in a new way by these arrangements....
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